I'm a singer / songwriter located in Minneapolis, MN. 

I've been actively pursuring music since 2012. 

I'd like to think of my sound as indie pop / folk. 

I grew up to the sound of my daddy's guitar, singing around campfires into plastic spoons.  Singing was something I always did, it was familiar.  In the noise and in the quiet there was me, humming a tune, mostly during tests and class time.

When Mom and Dad brought home the karoke machine it was all over, that machine was my childhood. Nine years old and I studied those karoke soundtracks like it was my soul's purpose. I had never even heard of most of the songs on those soundtracks, but I grew to know them; I followed their melody and made them my own. I'd belt out Proud Mary after Red Dirt Road for what seemed like hours, experimenting with different harmonies and riffs. And by learning each song's story, I began to write my own.

Pretty soon, every notebook in the house was filled with poetry respecting things I thought I understood.

When I started high school, I borrowed Daddy's guitar and figured it was about time I taught myself how to play. I put melodies to my poetry and it was like someone handed me a lit torch in a room full of textiles; everything caught fire. It was incredibly empowering to finally have the ability to bring my words to life with sound.   

Like a new pair of glasses, music can completely transform your approach to living and loving.  Writing is my most natural coping mechanism and my prefered medium for sharing my feelings.

Songwriting is my way of making sense of things I don't fully understand.



Anna Wilson     Vocalist, Guitarist











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